Frequently Asked Questions

The Technical Stuff

Where is my site hosted?

Ekklesia 360 sites are hosted on dedicated servers in a flexible cloud based architecture built on open-source technologies.  This means as demand increases more resources are automatically added to support the load requested by your website.  You never need to worry about another site on the "same server" hogging all of the server and network resources causing your site to load slow or not at all.  The cloud based architecture will scale resources automatically as demand increases.  This makes our hosting environment both quick and stable.  Ekklesia 360 hosts some of the largest ministry sites in North America without any issues with server demand or resources.  Even in our hosting environment, Ekklesia 360 is designed to grow with you.

Our data-center providers offer the following for your data security and availability. We have historically seen a 99.9% uptime on our services.

  • Dedicated to our customers’ hosting needs only
  • Always high-performance bandwidth
  • Nine network providers, for multiple redundancies
  • Fiber carriers enter at disparate points to guard against failure
  • Network topology and configuration automatically improves in real time
  • Configurations, co-developed with Cisco, guard against single points of failure at the shared network level
  • Cisco and Arbor Networks work directly with our data-center providers to continually improve monitoring and security
Precision environment
  • N+1 redundant HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system, ensuring duplicate system immediately comes online should there be an HVAC system failure
  • Every 90 seconds, all air is circulated and filtered to remove dust and contaminants
  • Advanced fire suppression systems
Core routing equipment
  • Fully redundant, enterprise-class routing equipment only
  • Fiber carriers enter at disparate points to guard against service failure
Physical security
  • Keycard protocols, biometric scanning protocols, and around-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance
  • Access limited to authorized data center personnel; no one else can enter the production area without prior clearance and appropriate escort
  • Every data center employee undergoes multiple and thorough background security checks before hire
Conditioned power
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power for all servers, providing uninterrupted power
  • N+1 redundant UPS power subsystem, with instantaneous failover if the primary UPS fails
  • If an extended utility power outage occurs, our routinely tested, on-site diesel generators can run indefinitely
Network technicians
  • Networking and security teams must be certified and thoroughly experienced in managing and monitoring enterprise-level networks
  • Certified Network Technicians are trained to the highest industry standards
Data-Center Certifications
  • Red Hat Premier Hosting Partner
  • MySQL Certified Hosting Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Certified
  • ISO 27001:2005 Certified
  • Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Service Provider
  • SSAE16 Type II SOC1, SOC2 (Security and Availability Only), and SOC3
  • Safe Harbor Certified
  • CDSA Content Protection and Security Standard Certified

If you have specific hosting requirements, we have a variety of options available for hosting that can meet most any need.  You can also host your site on your own servers or with your own host if needed.