Build a Solid Plan for Your Website

When you come to a web build project, you will likely find that it’s more work than you anticipated. Maybe you feel like you’re in over your head. How do we draw people into our story? What is the best way to organize your content? How do you reach visitors and members at the same time?

It doesn’t have to be stressful!

At Ekklesia 360  we offer services to help you strategize your web build to ensure you accomplish your goals online. Start a Strategy Project and get the plan your church or nonprofit needs to build an engaging website. Strategy gives you a scalable plan and the confidence that your site is making a lasting first impression.

4 Bedrock Principles for Your Website

When you enter into a Strategy Project, our specialists will walk you through four communication best practice principles that will ensure your web build is moving in the right direction.

Your Story
Know what you’re communicating about your church.
Your People
Consider your audience’s user experience and content needs.
Your Tools
Make sure you have the theme and layouts you need to succeed online.
Your Plan
Review the custom site map for your new site.

Packages & Plans