Frequently Asked Questions

The Technical Stuff

Ekklesia 360 vs Open Source

Ekklesia360 has been built from the ground up for ministries.  Everything we do is centered around helping churches attract, engage, and develop their communities and no open source solution is this focused on ministry.

Some of the largest churches in North America have gone away from open source solutions to utilize Ekklesia360 and the Monk Development team.  Even though they have their own full teams who are more than capable of creating a website on an open source solution, they choose Ekklesia360 because of our people, processes, and products.

There are a lot of fantastic and capable free open-source solutions available, but for a church to implement one of these isn't necessarily free.  This often means the cost is hidden in the time and money involved with installing the software, customizing it, installing plug-ins, maintaining the software with upgrades and security patches, and training of staff members to use the website.  As a result of this cost, most churches will need someone to dedicate time and the technical expertise to manage just their website software, not to mention the content.  If that person is not available then churches often have to hire someone to train another member or update the software for them.

With Ekklesia 360 we want to free up your team to focus on ministry by handling all of these things for you.  This means you can focus on what you do best and not software maintenance. We think through how a sermon can be uploaded, distributed (to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and more) and we seek to help you attract more people, engage your community and better use online resources for the discipleship process.  

Ultimately, we're passionate about much more than technology; we're all about seeing our tools used in spreading of the gospel!