Theme Tailoring


Find out how we can tailor our themes to match your ministry and meet your needs

We have powerful, dynamic theme sites that can accommodate any ministry needs you may have. We want to make sure your theme best fits your ministry process. Whether it’s a few adjustments or adding a custom template, beginning with a theme is a great option.

Design Elements
You can tailor your e360 Theme by adding custom design elements like a countdown timer for your live service, campus filters for events, or a custom campus menu to the homepage.

Add Ministry Layouts
Each e360 Theme can be tailored by adding pre-built ministry focused templates. These templates have additional functionality for a Small Group Finder, New Here Layout, and more.

Build Custom Layouts
A Custom Layout is a great option for ministries with specific needs and design goals. Work with a Monk Dev designer to fine tune the look and we’ll build the template on your e360 theme.

Ekklesia e360 Layouts