February 9th & 10th, 2015

Tim Peters, consultant and founder of Provident Staffing, the Simply Communicate Conference and The Church Communication Guide spoke to a group of church communicators about setting priorities for communication efforts. He encouraged attendees to focus on their original goals and callings and make room for what is most important first.    

What's all the buzz about integration?

Among other topics of social media strategy, analytics and apps, integration surfaced as the leading hot topic at Conclave: Houston. Church communicates were eager to discuss how they could streamline their processes and stop the double or even triple entry headaches. Ekklesia 360 has made strides in front-end development and continue to pursue improvements in our system in order to make integration a reality. We also discussed best practices around the topic from a practical standpoint and walked through several scenarios that helped attendees get a firm handle on their own situations. If you attended Conclave: Houston and want us to look into integration on your church website or if you'd like to learn more about upcoming conclaves, contact us now.