Logo Packages


Work with one of our designers to create a logo that embodies the mission and values of your ministry.



Logo Refresh

1 Directions + 2 Revisions



We work with you to bring out the best of your current logo, give it a fresh update, apply best practices, and get you all the files needed to start using your new look. Your Logo Update includes 1 direction and up to 2 revisions of Font, Color, Layout, and Icon/Mark.


Logo Refresh Examples




Custom Logo Package 1

3 Directions + 2 Revisions 




Custom Logo Package 2 

6 Directions + 2 Revisions




First, we will get to know your ministry, discuss your vision, and create multiple directions to begin the design process. Once a direction has been chosen, then it's time to rework the design to get every pixel just right. In the end, you will have a custom logo that fully embodies your ministry and all the files you ever need to blast out your branding for print and web.

Custom Logo Examples