Frequently Asked Questions


Responsive Design vs. Static Design

Responsive Sites

A Responsive template automatically changes when viewed on various screen sizes. It can effectively be viewed on mobile devices, tablets, and personal computers.  Site elements (Images, Text, Navigation) shift to be seen on the width of the screen you are viewing. 

Some examples of responsive e360 themes.: Wilberforce | L'Engle | Spurgeon

Static Sites

A Static template is set to be optimally viewed on a personal computer. Scrolling the width of your screen and zooming is typically necessary on various screen sizes, especially tablets and mobile devices.  

An examples of a static e360 theme, which we no longer offer would be the Newton

In our current technology landscape, there is an ever growing amount of mobile and tablet users. We always encourage you to meet your congregation and users where they are, which means we now only offer responsively designed websites.