Frequently Asked Questions

e360 ChMS

Does e360 ChMS integrate with my website?

Yes, in some very helpful ways. If you're already using Ekklesia 360 as your content management system, here are a few ways you can incorporate e360 ChMS into your website. 

  • Events - Any events you add into e360 ChMS will automatically get added to the events module in Ekklesia 360 and show up on your website. No need for double entry!
  • Small Groups - This module in e360 ChMS has a helpful, responsive iframe that can be added to any page of your website.
  • Event RSVP - There are two options here: You can enable this feature through Ekklesia 360, if you're using the Plus plan or above, to allow folks to register for events. If you're using e360 Giving, you can also allow event RSVP using the giving portal, and then all your records for paid events will be kept in the same place in your ChMS. 

These are just a few ways you can incorporate e360 ChMS into your website, and our development team is working continually for increased communications between the two systems, so stay tuned!