Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer email hosting?

Ekklesia360 does not directly offer email for your organization.  We recognize that moving your email every time you change your website can often make it a more difficult move.  We would rather point you in the path of keeping your email with one email provider, who does email really well for years to come.  You often change your website, but your domain name and email will rarely change.  

With a third party email solution, no matter where you host your website you never have to worry about moving your email services.  We do not want to place the burden on you to have to move your email services should you ever want to move your website to another host provider.

There are three main options our clients will generally use for email:

Your Own Solution

If you have your own exchange server or another paid email solution, you are most welcome to continue using it. This is a very standard setup for us.  Just let us know this is your plan and we can take care of all the technical aspects of hosting your website with us while maintaining your email with your current email provider.

Google Apps for Your Domain

If you do not have an email system already, or if it's tied to an old hosting account that you plan to close, we recommend Google Apps for non-profits. If you've heard of Gmail, Google Docs, or Google Calendar — Google Apps is Google’s bundle of these services specifically for organizations and nonprofits. Some of the benefits of this service includes Gmail’s superior spam protection, faster interface, large inboxes for your users, and many other collaboration tools (Calendar/Docs). 

The non-profit edition requires an application but is free for non-profit use. 

We use Google Apps for our own email, calendaring, and document sharing, so we can vouch for the quality of service. You will be able to keep whatever addresses you already have on your domain as well as set up things like mailing lists to multiple members of your team or setup mail forwarding to personal email accounts.

To set this up for your domain, follow this step by step walkthrough.

If you are managing your own DNS, you can set it up now and start enjoying the benefits of Google Apps right away. Otherwise, please contact us when you are ready to set it up, and we'll help make the necessary DNS changes.

Other Solutions

We also recommend Rackspace which offers accounts for $2/mo/account; and FastMail, their pricing starts at $90 for 5 users (see their quote builder)