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e360 ChMS

Engage and Manage Your Church Community

Our ChMS solution is so much more than “just” a database.

We’ve made it easy for you to integrate management software into your day-to-day church routine. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it! We provide all the insights and information you need to help your church or ministry reach its full potential, right at your fingertips.

e360 ChMS lets you link people into families, groups, ages, lifestage, location, etc. You can contact everyone or any smaller segment. You can track your Small Group attendance or your Youth events, log volunteer training, and notice donation trends.

Plus, you can manage everything on the go with our mobile app. The ChMS is ready to use on any device, from your desktop computer to your smartphone.

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In short, e360 ChMS frees up your team for the more meaningful ministry work of being in relationship with the people in your church.  

Interact with Your People

Keep up with people from their first visit to their baptism, and every other life event along the way. With interaction tracking, you can easily know when you were last in touch with any member. By using interaction assignments you can involve pastors, small group leaders, and members in the ministry process.

Manage Your Congregation

Stop worrying about your membership information -- e360 ChMS smoothly organizes your members and visitors by their commonalities and makes it easy to look up people and their details. You can even set up a public directory for members! The software stays out of your way, so you're not busy using it, you’re free to do ministry. You can also plan your content in advance and set up activity triggers so you can forget about it. 

Understand Giving Data

Easily track giving for your congregation and identify slumps with graphs for giving trends. With our online giving service, you can use debit or credit cards to collect tithes and offerings from members. You can even import giving data from other online giving services.

Use the Mobile App

Our native iOS/Android App lets you:

  • Add, edit, and view people
  • Add pictures to people
  • Take attendance
  • Send mass email, SMS, and voice messages
  • Log, assign, view, and edit interactions

No matter which device you’re on, the e360 ChMS app has the solutions you need to quickly and easily manage your ministry from anywhere!

Check-In Children and Event Attendees

Our Check-in feature helps your congregation by allowing them a flexible and secure option for check-in. Use any combination of kiosks, computers, iPads, or smartphones to check-in children quickly and securely. You can also track attendance at other events.  

Apply Mass Communications

Our mass communication system keeps you in touch with everyone, a segment, or only those who weren’t in attendance. You can send email, voice messages, or text messages. Use any specification to build your group lists and send messages in real time or schedule your communications in advance for delivery at a later date or time.

Keep an Organized Calendar

The e360 ChMS calendar empowers you to manage event registrations and approvals, improve coordination of staff, and schedule rooms and equipment, all from one calendar. Plus, you can keep your members updated by syncing your ministry calendars onto your church website.

Create Ministry Process Workflows

Do you find yourself repeating processes? For example, do you follow the same steps when following up with a new visitor? Such as, they receive an email, a phone call and then a hand written note? Or, do you have a membership process that includes certain steps a member must complete? Now, you are able to craft these processes and automate them using triggers and actions. You control your ministry process, but it doesn’t need to control you. Automate your ministry processes to work 24/7.



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Number of People


Up to 2000 $35 plus 12 cents per record
2001 - 6000 $275 plus 7 cents per record
6001+ $555 plus 1 cent per record

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