SeaCoast Grace Church

SeaCoast Grace knew that they needed a website that would be easy to maintain (aka no knowledge of coding needed). The Ekklesia 360 CMS allowed them to do just that! Not only did they seek a simplified website backend, they also wanted a website that was easy to navigate from the user’s perspective. Our design team recommended a scrolling design that would allow information to be presented simply and clearly through cohesive images. Now their website has a clear focus and provides site visitors an easy and streamlined experience.



I'm New

As a growing church, it was important for SeaCoast Grace to have an “I’m New” page for people to quickly find important information. Our teams worked together to create an informative page that lists services times, what to expect, ministries, pastors, and a location map. This allows visitors to quickly and easily find key information all on one page.

Watch Live

SeaCoast Grace has a large online following since they have been streaming their Sunday service online, and they needed a livestream page that would look great and help people get connected. They selected our Livestream template for this page. This template allowed them to embed a current live streaming i-frame or embed code directly into the template. It also comes with a Twitter feed that pulls tweets from their Twitter handle. Finally, there are  two built-in Monklets on the bottom of the page allowing them to further customize to meet needs of their site visitors.