Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana

Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana came to us seeking a website that could drive more traffic to the website and function as the main hub for their organization. They needed a site that people could rely on to find information for their church groups. Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana is the administrative hub for a large number of churches that connects them to the wider Episcopal Church for their region. They were ready to work with us because we offer a robust CMS platform that allows easy ways to keep the website updated.


Custom Resources Library

Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana wanted a page they could rely on to display resources for the different types of people that visit the site. They have clergy, lay leaders, and church staff come to browse for different resources such as PDFs and schedules. Episcopal Diocese wanted a way for resources to show based on a color code as well as filter down to display resources based on these user categories. We worked together to create this amazing layout for them.

Next Steps Layout #1

Episcopal Diocese needed a way to display up and coming events, newsletters, blogs, and stories for their users to find all on one page. Our Next Steps #1 Layout is a great landing page for all the important information a person would need to connect deeper within your organization.