Brookside Church

Brookside recently went through some extensive rebranding and needed a new website to reflect their updated goals of reaching young, unchurched and emerging families.



Service is a high priority at Brookside, and they needed a robust setup for their many opportunities. We brought their opportunities to serve one time, serve at church, and serve locally or globally into one spot, making it easy participate.

Next Steps

This page serves as the main onramp for all the various efforts that Brookside has. We designed the page to allow site visitors to get info and also get signed up for various groups and classes. It was important that this page could be edited and rearranged as content would need to focus on different material throughout the year.


Brookside wanted their newsfeed to highlight fast-paced current events and resources. Here site visitors can get a quick look at what is going on and get registered for upcoming events.