Website Administrators

So you have this whole army of members running your church website—great! But do you ever feel like you don't know whose job is whose? Or who has the authority and access to work on specific parts of your website? As your church family grows it can get really messy really fast when it comes to the back end of your website. As you build your army, church website team management becomes an integral part of making sure it all runs smoothly.

Ekklesia 360 gives you fine-grained controls and enables administrators to set specific permissions for who can change what in the CMS. Your church website team members will know precisely what their role is. Making member permissions clear and simple is essential to keeping things running smoothly while making sure nobody steps on other peoples' toes while working on your site.

Imagine allowing your team to log in and write the content for their ministries, add their own events, and then submit that content for review before its pushed live onto the website. No more content submitted via email or Word document for you to update on the website by yourself. Empower your team while maintaining control of what actually gets pushed live.

church website member management becomes this easy

  • Unlimited members and admins
  • Private website content accessed via member login
  • Restrict CMS access so that content editors only have access to what they need
  • Custom access templates to easily assign to church website members
  • Document approval so only approved content is published*
  • Complete member profile information
  • Bulk member or staff import
  • Custom member group assignment so you can assign members to specific ministries, small groups, campuses, etc.
  • Send email to specific member groups via the newsletter module

If you're looking for an all-in-one CMS to make your church website member management cleaner and more streamlined, Ekklesia 360 could be perfect for you. If you're unsure but still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out—we'd love to chat!

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