Anyone can embed a YouTube video these days. With a simple drag and drop, you can post your sermons on your website for the world to see. But don't your sermons deserve better? Isn't there more we can do to engage your community using more robust tools?

Your pastor's messages can be a great source of inspiration––as long as your congregation can find them. Sermons are the messaging of your church––the heart of your mission––and the words your whole community gathers together to reflect upon. And sermons are so incredibly useful on your church website! Sermons give life to your online presence, keeping your content fresh, engaging, and giving your members a chance to interact with their church family online. Sharing your sermons online also serves as a resource to visitors and potential new members by showing them how your messages live and breathe, as they get to know your church.

So, if you're ready to make your sermons more than just another link on your website, you need a media manager designed for the needs of the church. The Ekklesia 360 Sermons Module is your solution. With this tool, you can easily post your sermon, its audio, video, artwork, and notes on your website. You can spread the word via Facebook and Twitter––and in the click of a button, your community can listen, watch, and contribute to the conversation.

See it for yourself here. This custom sermon detail page helped Port City Community Church make it easy to watch every sermon in the series, listen on a custom audio player, get series artwork, and talk about the messages on Twitter. Port City created a space for their members to engage outside the auditorium. And you can, too!

Your database of sermons online.


But the interaction didn't stop there! Port City used the other features of the tool to make their website an incredible hub for the conversations happening in the church.

Additional Features for Your Sermons Online
  • Scripture integration
  • Easy integration with YouTube and Vimeo
  • Ability to create searchable sermon series, categories, groups, and speakers
  • Individual sermon URLs to promote as you please
  • Easily add audio, video, images, and documents
  • Custom video player (HTML5/mobile compatible)
  • Audio and video sermons
  • Podcasting and vodcasting
  • Customizable RSS feeds
  • Drag-and-drop bulk file upload for easy transfer and upload of sermon files
  • Automatic audio and video encoding
  • Media served over Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • iTunes and integration

When you're ready to use your sermons to engage new members and inspire your church family online, check out the tool for yourself in our demo. You'll be able to click through the sermons, test engagement, and see what the type of conversations your church could be creating online!

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