Dedicated Onboarding

Building a website is a bigger and more complex undertaking than most people realize. No two project are the same just like no two organizations are the same. It takes time to think through the necessary website strategy, content, team and technology.  With Ekklesia 360 you are not left alone.  We have a team of customer advocates dedicated to helping you with your mission online.


Direct communication via email and phone to your dedicated onboarding specialist.

Extend your capability in design, strategy, technology, and other tricky areas.

A true partner for your organization offering training, best practices, and ongoing support.



Every client that comes onboard Ekklesia360 can rest assured that they are backed by a dedicated customer advocacy and onboarding team.  Your dedicated customer advocate will work directly with you and your team to help you get familiar with Ekklesia 360 and get your new website ready to launch.

Whether you are just getting started as a volunteer with your ministries website or you are a seasoned communications professional who simply does not have the time to go about a new website all alone, the expert Monk Development team and Ekklesia 360 are ready to support you all along the way.