A blog is a great tool for pastors or other leaders to communicate the vision of the church, other informal journal-style entries or commentary. The blog posts combines text, images and other media related to its topic. The church can allow visitors and/or members to add comments to posts on the blog. The commenting system allows for easy approval of comments or disapproval of comments.  Imagine being able to create a series of blog post on a specific topic, setting them to publish automatically on specific dates, and spending your time engaging with your community on the posts as they go live.

  • Have multiple blogs on your church website.
  • Commenting System for users to become members and participate.
  • Approval system to ensure only comments you approve are published to the website.
  • Anonymous commenting in conjunction with the approval system lowers the barrier of participation with the benefits of moderation. 
  • Custom categories, authors, series, 
  • Auto publish on specific dates
  • Public or Private
  • Custom blog RSS feed