Frequently Asked Questions

Adding Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We implement the following “SEO-friendly” practices to ensure that Ekklesia 360 makes a positive impact on SEO and the visibility of your site:

Clean & Readable URLs

If you’ve seen URLs like:, you’ll appreciate that our URLs are clean:

Per-page Descriptions & Keywords

The ability of putting in your own custom meta description and keyword tags for all your pages.

Automatic Site Maps

The system automatically updates a sitemap.xml file which makes it easy for search engines to index your site and keep current on recent changes.


Our CMS allows you to put in custom 301 redirects to ensure well-ranked content is seamlessly redirected to its new destination.

Seamless Syndication

Clients have the option of opting into the various Monk Development networks that help syndicate their content into relevant sites. For example with Ekklesia 360 your sermons can be published to both your site and as well.  All sites using Ekklesia 360 are built on the same database which provides the strictest privacy on one hand, but massive content syndication on another. This is by no means a replacement for link development, but goes a very long way in advertising and marketing. Once more sites link to the client site, combined with strict HTML and CSS development, the SEO kicks in and provides a higher ranking in search results.