ChMS Strategy Project

Let's partner to develop a powerful strategy for using your Church Management System starts with understanding your community, ministry process, and available technology.


Gain an Indepth Understanding of Your Community

We'll first set out to understand your internal staff & ministry leader structure through a series of interviews and surveys to uncover administration needs. Our goals is to can create team alignment and collaboration training and models for adopting your ChMS. Second we’ll dig into your community in different stages of engagement, and how they are seeking to connect into your church. It's important to ensure the ChMS serves not only internal staff needs, but also helps your congregation become involved!

Refine Your Ministry Process

Creating an effective process will allow you to step away from busy work and step into relationships with people. During the Critical Paths phase, your Strategist facilitates a call with ministry leaders to uncover gaps or roadblocks in your process, and assess the best solutions to fill gaps through automated workflows and best practices recommendations.

Set Up Effective Management Tools

To ensure your people are seamlessly connected into your ministry, we’ll provide the best recommendations and training on how you can utilize your ChMS features, customize modules to better fit your needs, and explore third party integration and collaboration.