Woodbury Lutheran

Woodbury Lutheran wanted their site to be a welcoming “front door” to those searching for a church home. They had a strong desire to provide clear information for a visitor to take their next steps, both at the church and in their own lives. They wanted their site to be is a centralized spot for information and resources. To meet these goals, we helped them to create a clean and friendly site to guide visitors to the information they were looking for. The design of the layout had to be very pleasant to the eye, and easy to navigate.


Navigation and Campuses

The simple layout of the home page is contrasted by the resourceful menu navigation. Clicking on the different menu items, visitors will find more information into what they are specifically looking for.

Classes Landing Page

To provide the visitor with clear information, the landing page lists out all available classes. The visitor will be able to filter the classes by life stage, subject, and location.


Classes Detail Page

The goal is to give the visitor the information they need in their search. To do this we had to understand their needs. The detail page gives the visitor more specific information about the class. We also added a section to help the visitor find other similar classes.