Rolling Hills Community Church

Rolling Hills Community Church wanted to be a resource for people searching for a church and hoping to find answers to life’s questions.. One goal was to provide clear "next step" opportunities for regular church attenders. They also wanted to make clear pathways for those interested in learning more about their church or for those looking to catch their first glimpse of the church's vision and encourage them to connect with the church's mission and its people.



Rolling Hills has many stories to tell and needed to create a place to house them all.  The “Stories” page comes with a helpful filter to help find the most interesting  stories to each site visitor.

Next Steps

The “Next Steps” page shows what Rolling Hills has to offer. Their goal was to clearly give their visitors ways to engage with the church and grow in their faith -- no matter where they are starting.

Campus Selector

When first arriving on the site, visitors will be asked to select a campus. Depending on which campus is selected, different content will appear on the homepage to help the visitor know what is going on at that particular campus.