Faith Church

Faith Church wanted a site to engage their congregation with clear and concise information about ministries, serving opportunities, and giving. They have a lot to offer their members and wanted to showcase that without overwhelming their website visitors.


Home Page Design

White space was used to differentiate between interchangeable content, allowing visitors to easily navigate the home page.There is a clear sense of hierarchy. And, although there are many links to click on, the page is very easy on the visitor’s eyes.

Mobile Site Designs

Designing for mobile brings its own set of design problems to solve. The limited width presents an opportunity to condense the items on the page and really showcase each element. This allows site viewers (new or returning) to easily find what they are looking for, even when they are on the go! We decided on a gray menu to differentiate it from the predominantly white site.  


Another one of Faith Church’s  goals was to highlight their multi-site locations and their online live streaming services. We designed a campus selector showing their many campuses. Each campus leads to a specific landing page. Each campus landing page will be able to showcase different ministries and events unique to that campus.

Live Stream

On the live stream page, visitors will not only find a live feed of Faith Church’s service, but also additional information on the sermon series. There is even an easy-to-use form for those who would like to contact someone at the church.