Bell Shoals

Bell Shoals Baptist Church wanted their new site to be guest-focused and to portray their “One Church, Multiple Campuses” take on ministry. We built in some key features to achieve a robust experience that creatively uses smart content to provide a seamless experience.


Smart Newcomer Content

If you are a new visitor to the site, location information is front and center, making it easy to find campus specifics.

Multi-Site Campus Logic

Bell Shoals is “One Church, Many Campuses,” but still needed to get ministry specific information on the site. The “Get Connected” and “Ministries” navigation items have campus specific content, the rest is the same across all the campuses.

Campus Pages

When you’re ready to pick a campus, Bell Shoals has made it easy to find a Life Group, get to know the pastors, and find ways to serve. The campus pages are an easy entry point, making it easy to connect all from one place.