Grace Covenant Church

Through integration, Grace Covenentat Church is able to free-up resources for other ministry projects.


With Ekklesia 360 you have the potential to integrate your Church Management Software with your website. We’ve built Ekklesia 360 on flexible framework so that it can integrate with various third party ChMS, including:

  • Church Community Builder
  • The City
  • Shelby Arena
  • ServiceU


We’re working to integrate with more ChMS solutions; in the meantime see how we’ve integrated with:

Church Community Builder

We helped City Of Grace integrate with CCB to display dynamic and filterable small group information on their church website.

For Waterstone Church we brought event information from CCB and display it in our ministry-focused layouts.

The City

To free-up resources, Grace Covenant sought our assistance to integrate their events and small groups from The City.

Why churches seek integration

“We wanted to eliminate duplicate entry and just make the process more efficient.” Caroline McCain - Communication Director Grace Covenant Church