Sagemont Church

Sagemont wanted a church website as big as their community -- and in Houston, that takes some doing! Through strategic collaboration, we developed a plan to integrate their website with their Ministry Platform portal. We also developed easy-to-access, organized resources and fostered connection and involvement through bold calls to action -- in both English and Spanish.


Custom Resource Filters

Sagemont has media resources that go back to 2003 and they wanted to make sure this amazing library was easy to access and searchable. We created a robust set of filters to allow site visitors to search a number of criteria, like books of the Bible, topic, series and date.

Better Connection

In order to better connect and engage with guests, we made sure to greet both English and Spanish speakers right on the homepage -- in big buttons, and with a translation option in the menu. We also designed modern full-width sections, making it easy for visitors to get excited and connect with Bible Studies, Ministries and Counseling Services.