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  • 27% of new attenders are finding the church they attend online first.
  • 61% of people say the church website was important in their decision to attend a church.

The Episcopal Church has partnered with MonkDev to provide a world class on-line ministry platform. This is much more than a website solution, it is a future proof platform that will always grow with the latest technology advances.

  • Attract more visitors to your church
  • Help move people deeper into community
  • Increase overall engagement in the church
  • Establish & Increase on-line giving

The following designs have been built specifically for the Episcopal Church and available to you with specific Episcopal Church branding and news feeds that the Office of Communication has arranged with MonkDev.

St. Matthew Design St. Luke Design St. Mark Design

While these designs can be used as-is or with your own color palette and logo, they can also serve as a springboard for your base website, and with customization, you can turn them into a completely custom site tailored to your specific needs.

You may also choose from any of our other themes or work with us to build a completely custom site.  The standard e360 themes do not have the "Episcopal News Feed" or logo branding like the three Episcopal Themes above.  We can add this Episcopal News Feed to any theme for only $150.

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